"Our partnership with CSC has expanded our resources to better serve our patients in numerous ways including: the helpline, grant/assistance access, research engagement, training opportunities, and program offerings. Through being an outpatient health care affiliate, our supportive care program has a wider breadth of engagement with the larger oncology beyond our local reach. We have first-hand access to the innovation and leaders in the field of psychosocial oncology and I believe this is a win-win for organizational goals and patient-centered oncology care."

Anh Lai-O’Connell, LCSW, OSW-C


Social Work/Supportive Care 

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers

Denver, CO

"Hartford Healthcare Cancer Institute has begun a new partnership with PPS.   We are enthused to bring a full array of psychosocial services to seven Hartford Healthcare hospitals. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with PPS staff as they have remained professional, communicative, and thorough as we introduce these comprehensive services throughout the hospital system. We are eager to embark upon this endeavor with the support of PPS, as the inclusion of these additional psychosocial services will enhance the patient experience."

Devon Latney, MHS
Cancer Care Delivery and Disparities Research
Hartford Healthcare, Hartford, CT

“The programs which we have embraced …. have provided a value-added benefit to our patients for the last eight years, but have been especially beneficial in this year of the pandemic in which cancer care and support was stressed even more.”

Jeff Giguere, MD,
Medical Director,
Center for Integrative
Oncology & Survivorship
Prisma Health, Greenville, SC

“Social workers have appreciated the interdisciplinary timely communication and real-time triage that has occurred with the switch to electronic distress screening.  Innovative implementation of technology as an intervention has added value to the social work service line at Mount Sinai and has been a cost effective way of obtaining data while providing better patient care.”

Alison Snow, PhD, LCSW-R, OSW-C
Cancer Supportive Services
Mount Sinai Downtown Cancer Centers
New York, NY


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