• Mission

    Patient Planning Services (PPS) is to serve patients and caregivers using technology solutions, innovative programming, and educational initiatives.

  • Vision

    The company is dedicated to ensuring comprehensive, quality care for patients with chronic and/or debilitating illnesses. PPS works with patients, health care providers and community organizations to provide education, tools, and support that are backed by a team of researchers and utilize the latest technologies.

  • Solutions

    With 50+ healthcare and employer-based partners across the country we have become synonymous with streamlining psychosocial delivery of care while focusing on the PATIENT / PEOPLE EXPERIENCE. Our products and services are designed in conjunction with the Cancer Support Community.

Founded in 2013, Patient Planning Services is the social enterprise for the Cancer Support Community. Dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the Cancer Support Community by licensing proprietary programs and technology to hospitals, cancer centers and non-profits.

Patient Planning Services has aligned with the 2008 Institute of Medicine’s Cancer Care for the Whole Patient that stipulated that health is not limited to biological processes but is tied to emotions, behaviors and social relationships. That quality health care should address the psychosocial issues and provide services and resources to address underlying health issues.

Backed by research in digital distress screening, the proprietary measures provided by Patient Planning Services not only score distress but also combine resources and provide risk subscales to help providers react and create action around the distress scoring.

Patient Planning Services works with patients, health care providers and community organizations to provide distress screening and other assessments on a digital platform that allows for both dynamic and static resource allocation in real time and triage of high acuity patients while meeting accreditation standards. Once only working in the cancer space, Patient Planning Services now provides support for other chronic conditions providing technology for mental health, quality of life and distress screening.

The Cancer Support Community (CSC) is a Washington, DC-based non-profit that is the largest private employer of oncology mental health professionals in the United States.

The Cancer Support Community is an international leader in psychosocial oncology support with three dedicated branches of direct service, research and advocacy. The Research and Training Institute is one-of-a kind and explores psychosocial domains of the cancer experience for patients and caregivers. The Cancer Policy Institute advocates for cancer patients and caregivers on issues relating to access, quality of life and healthcare inequity. With headquarters in Washington DC, the Cancer Support Community and Gilda’s Club Affiliate Network of direct service providers has over 175 locations worldwide where patients and caregivers receive complimentary psychosocial support.

Our Team

  • Cate O'Reilly, MSW

    Cate O'Reilly, MSW

    Vice President

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    Cate O’Reilly has worked at PPS since 2016. Cate is highly motivated, with a successful track record in sales, leadership, relationship building and partnerships in the healthcare industry. She is an analytical and creative professional, particularly skilled in identifying needs and opportunities for market expansion. Cate completed her undergraduate studies at Santa Clara University and holds a master’s in social work from San Diego State University. Cate has worked globally in Africa, Europe, Mexico, and the U.S. in capacity as social worker with pediatric, adult and geriatric populations. She also has worked in upper retail management in a marketing capacity for a number of years. Cate is originally from South Africa but now lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and three children.

  • Damian Piccolo, MSC. IT, MBA

    Damian Piccolo, MSC. IT, MBA

    Chief Technology Officer

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    Damian Piccolo has worked at Patient Planning services since 2014 as the Chief Technology Officer. He’s focused on the intersection of business processes and information systems and enjoys exploring how to optimize technology enabled experiences for end users. He has a Master’s Degree in Information Systems Engineering from the UTN University at Cordoba, with expertise in web and mobile application development. He earned his MBA from Wheeling Jesuit University, and has been a small business owner and entrepreneur since 2006. Damian was born and raised in Argentina, and currently lives in Northern Virginia with his family, just across the Potomac from Washington DC.

  • Peyton Lengacher

    Peyton Lengacher

    Lead Project Manager

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    Peyton Lengacher has worked with PPS since 2018 as a Project Manager. He’s focused on customizing our software tools to meet client’s specific needs and kickstarts product development missions. He studied business and media at Indiana University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree and now resides in Denver, Colorado where he enjoys everything the mountains have to offer.