• Solution for Distress Screening in Real Time during COVID-19

    Having the ability to know how a patient is coping in real-time during COVID-19 without scheduling a full telehealth session is vital. Many patients are nervous to come into clinic nowadays, for good reason. They are already in a high risk group. If they cannot come to us, how do we get to them? The […]

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  • Keep employees engaged even during a turbulent health crisis

    There is an African Proverb that says, “Irrigate before the flood.” We know intuitively that prevention is easier and less expensive than treatment. However, chronic illness has for so long been looked at as symptom management. Cancer is fast becoming one of the largest growing chronic diseases. During the months where elective procedures were closed […]

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  • Healthcare data analytics identify trends to steer decisions

    Mary sits in a waiting room 6 feet apart waiting to see her oncology specialist for what will most likely be an eleven minute visit. She has wanted to talk about the fact that her husband lost his job during the pandemic and she has been skipping doses on her critical oncology medications because they […]

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