How much does it cost to license the My Care Report Platform and the Cancer Support Source and Checking IN? 

The tools are licensed on an annual subscription basis. The pricing is tiered based on analytic cases. We are happy to send a non-obligatory proposal if you send us the number of annual analytic cases your institution has (this can be obtained from your hospital cancer registrar). 

Do these tools fulfill accreditation standards? 

Yes, the measures do fulfill accreditation standards. 

Are they customizable if we want to add surveys or question sets? 

To retain the validity of the tool questions need to all be asked and answered in their provided order. If you add questions to the end or add an additional survey the tool will retain its validity.  We are happy to work on custom surveys for you (i.e. opioid use, COVID questions, population health, health care disparities).

Do you have funding or grants available to help offset the cost of the license? 

We are linked with the Cancer Support Community Research and Training Institute which looks at multiple domains of cancer and the psychosocial impact of cancer on patients and families. From time to time opportunities do arise for research partnerships and are sometimes tied to some grant funding opportunities.  This is the exception though and rare.