Therapy Office


In November 2018, Gettysburg Cancer Center (GCC) in Gettysburg, PA became a healthcare partner. GCC serves approximately 450 patients a year in its rural, underserved location, many of whom are underinsured. GCC has recently completed a 2,000 square-foot addition which will include designated spaces for CSC support groups and other programs from the time of launch.

GCC is led by Dr. Satish Shah, a renowned medical oncologist and hematologist who opened the first oncology practice in the Gettysburg area in 1989 and has grown it into a state-of-the-art operation. GCC offers a wide variety of cancer treatment options, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, injection therapies, and supportive care. They are also expanding their clinical trials portfolio and plan to use CSC education materials to help ensure patients know what to expect when participating in a clinical trial.