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"The CSC digital distress screener is an effective way to draw information from patients, which has improved our overall patient satisfaction." 

Sanoe Kauhane, MHA, Kona Community Hospital 

In February 2018, Kona Community Hospital (KCH) Cancer Treatment Center
in Kealakekua, HI became a healthcare partner and began offering services through this program. KCH Cancer Treatment Center is a small, rural, non-profit facility that provides cancer education events offered at all health care partners, KCH has had a great deal of success with events like yoga/meditation seminars that fit naturally within Hawaiian culture. KCH has also committed to using technology to transform how they interact with patients. KCH uses tablets to help patients complete CancerSupportSource distress screenings and Cancer Experience Registry surveys. Easy access to CancerSupportSource has already made an impact on patients, with one patient noting: “When I fill out distress screeners at other offices nothing happens, no actions are taken. When I fill out this distress screener (CancerSupportSource), my problems and concerns are actually addressed. Good teamwork, I really appreciate that level of support.”