Patient Planning Services Named Amongst Top 10 Oncology Solution Companies

Importance of Distress Screening Tools

With skyrocketing rates of depression, anxiety and suicide in cancer patients, comes the crucial need for proper intervention. Depression screening tools are at the forefront of engineering comprehensive health services for cancer patients. Patient Planning Services delivers validated mental health screening assessments to analyze the level of distress, depression and anxiety in cancer patients in order to administer the best care. A recent New York Times article highlighting the detrimental mental toll a cancer diagnosis constitutes, includes Columbia University’s professor of medicine, Dr. Nathalie Moise’s opinions on the importance of distress screening.

She encourages that “normalizing mental health treatment as an integral component of your overall cancer care may also go a long way.”

Emphasizing attention to mental health as a crucial aspect of cancer care urges the medical field to acknowledge its gravity and impact. With new technological advances, the ability to administer proper care has drastically improved.

Advancements in Oncological Technology

 A leading journal in healthcare technology, The Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine has complied a list of the Top 10 Leading Oncology Companies that are paving the way in oncological achievements. Patient Planning Services (PPS) is amongst the top 10 companies featured, highlighting the mental health assessments and depression screening tools PPS offers. As PPS combines distress screening for both patients and their caregivers with their Cancer Support Source®, the multidimensional nature of the screening tools promotes it to be a front runner in catalyzing mental health advocacy in cancer care. The proprietary tools PPS licenses, are compatible with any EMR, allowing for efficient integration into any healthcare organization. The article highlights the benefits of aggregating real-time raw data to identify the patients psychosocial risk level. Being acknowledged as a top 10 company, encourages the strides Patient Planning Services has made in ameliorating identification of the anxiety and depression plaguing patients in distress. Without the technology to identify who needs mental health support, mobilizing patients to needed care is not possible. Moving forward, hospitals and healthcare organization should look to adopt such a depression and anxiety screening tool in order to suggest the proper resources that lessen the mental distress patients and caregivers are subject to.

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