Evidence-Based Technology and Program Solutions

Patient Planning Services solutions can help hospitals, cancer centers, clinicians and employers 
address chronic illness in a comprehensive, strategic manner to include all aspects of health not just physical.

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Embedded Psychosocial Cancer Program 

Within your Hospital or Cancer Center

A Cancer Support Community healthcare partnership provides the full suite of CSC programs. Hospital staff are trained in the CSC model, and programs are then run by those mental health professional staff. Hospitals pay to license programs, branding, network, technology and the partnership.

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Cancer costs for self insured employers are on the rise. This navigation program provides incredible return on investment and a healthier workforce.

WHEN CANCER COMES TO WORK™: Employers face an ongoing need to reduce employee turnover and increase active engagement -- while also reducing the cost of providing healthcare benefits. CSC's Employer Based Partnerships through "When Cancer Comes to Work"  offer a combination of navigation services and educational programming for employees who face cancer as well as the broader set of employees who may need critical education and information to support loved ones.




Web-based distress and depression screener validated with EMR integration.

The My Care Report Platform can house multiple assessments linking to a patient and a provider report in real team once assessments are complete. Data is stored and owned by the licensee and can be downloaded with click of a button. 

The My Care Report is home to the validated CancerSupportSource distress, depression and anxiety assessment tool. 

The CSS is a web-based, validated distress screening program was developed for community based hospitals, physician practices, and advocacy organizations that fully integrates distress screening, referrals, and follow up care through a single platform. This tool helps hospitals meet Commission on Cancer Standard 5.2 

In use at over 50 locations nationwide.

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Clinical Research Accrual study on how cancer impacts the patient and caregiver. 

IRB-approved web-based study designed by CSC to give a voice to the cancer experience. Participating hospitals enroll patients in the registry using unique licensed URL for patient tracking. They receive bi-annual annual aggregate reports on their patient population. Data used to apply for grants, manage budgets, staffing, and trending. Helps fulfill Commission on Cancer standard 9.1 (Clinical Research Accrual) and can help with 7.3 (Quality Improvement Initiatives).



Cancer Experience Registry - How it helps fulfill accreditation standard

“To be honest, we rely on this study pretty heavily to meet our trial enrollment goals

for our CoC accreditation, so we just have that internal drive to get a certain number of trial patients

each month and we’re able to ensure we do with this study. Our center did provide us with 4 iPads

that we are able to provide to patients while they are getting treatment

to start and/or complete the questions while they are here, which I think is a huge help.”

- B. Stith, RN, BSN, OCN Tallahassee Memorial