"Our partnership with CSC has expanded our resources to better serve our patients in numerous ways including: the helpline, grant/assistance access, research engagement, training opportunities, and program offerings. Through being an outpatient health care affiliate, our supportive care program has a wider breadth of engagement with the larger oncology beyond our local reach. We have first-hand access to the innovation and leaders in the field of psychosocial oncology and I believe this is a win-win for organizational goals and patient-centered oncology care."

Anh Lai-O’Connell, LCSW, OSW-C

In August 2018, Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers (RMCC) launched its healthcare partnership. With 53 physicians in more than 20 community- based locations across Colorado, RMCC is the state’s largest and most comprehensive provider of cancer care. RMCC was formed in 1992 when a group of independent medical oncology practices joined together to become a network of community-based clinic sites. RMCC maintains a focus on evidence-based holistic care and was already offering psychosocial support across its locations before the partnership. Now, all of that support is streamlined under one umbrella, with the support of the entire CSC healthcare partner network.

RMCC is also at the forefront of clinical cancer research, having played a role in more than 50 FDA approved cancer therapies, nearly one third of all new cancer therapies approved. This led to RMCC receiving US Oncology Research’s Highest Accruing Site Award, with more than 1,900 patients involved in clinical trials and trials available in all major cancer types.

In this vein, RMCC has already begun contributing to our research and advocacy efforts. They have signed on to our ongoing Cost of Care study, which helps us get a better picture of the state of cancer costs. The RMCC team has recruited and interviewed patients for this study at five of their locations in their first month of participation.

Across all of these locations, they have already brought psychosocial services to 6,577 people through 117 programs and events in less than a year.

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