Solution for Distress Screening in Real Time during COVID-19

Having the ability to know how a patient is coping in real-time during COVID-19 without scheduling a full telehealth session is vital. Many patients are nervous to come into clinic nowadays, for good reason. They are already in a high risk group. If they cannot come to us, how do we get to them?

The CancerSupportSource distress screener allows a quick survey to be sent to the patient at home. They complete it on their web enabled device and they get an instant list of needed resources. Clinicians receive an immediate clinical report that shows how your patient is coping and also alerts you to those who are at high risk for depression and anxiety in real time.

If your patient is worried about eating, the referral is automated to your dietician. If they are concerned about their insurance or finances they can be automated to your financial navigator or the Cancer Support Helpline that can determine the best resources.

The healthcare industry is completely overburdened currently. The CancerSupportSource is one thing that can take away some work and allow you to be patient focused once again. Move away from grading papers and worrying about putting resources together, let us automate it for you.

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