CancerSupportSourceĀ® (CSS)

Web-based distress and depression screener validated with EMR integration

  • Quality & Efficiency

    Validated and evidence-based cancer distress screening program that integrates screening, referral (in-house and community), and follow-up care, through a single, streamlined program.

  • Patient Experience

    The patient chooses what level of support they want and receives real-time instant feedback and resources. Automated referrals to appropriate staff make the patient experience seamless. Patient satisfaction is closely tied to identifying and having actionable steps to address patient needs.

  • Provider experience

    Customization based on level of support allows hospitals to manage staffing. Real-time feedback and triage of the highest acuity patients get providers patient-facing with those that need them most. Provider satisfaction increases with real-time data for individual patients as well as aggregated data sets for the patient load.

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The first evidence-based digital pediatric distress screener with EMR integration

  • Quality & Efficiency (Feasible)

    The tool fills a gap where research showed that there is a great discrepancy between parents' perceived and childā€™s self-reported distress and there was no way to measure that discrepancy. Checking IN is a feasible electronic distress screener for dyads to assess the needs of the whole child. Having access to the information in real-time allows the clinical team immediate actionable interventions based on the domains endorsed.

  • Patient Experience (Acceptable)

    The patient endorses domains like physical pain, sleep, and fatigue; emotional anxiety, depression, body image, and suicidal ideation; school concerns; family problems; medication adherence and access to support. Real-time access to this important information allows early identification of pertinent issues with acuity as described by the patient themselves. This self-reporting is cathartic for patients, as well as allows for appropriate resource allocation for a better patient experience.

  • Provider Experience (Useful)

    Real-time feedback and triage of highest acuity patients allows providers to focus on highest need patients. Automated tracking of endorsed domains over time provides clear identification of trends, problem areas, and psychosocial risks.